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Branch Office
Glenn commuting to one of our branch offices photo by Tim Ernst















If you need to contact us, our information is below to get us by mail, telephone, fax, or e-mail. Our shipping information can also be found below.

If you are looking to visit us in person, well, that is a different story. You may have to look for us at the edge of a bluff waiting for the sun to light up the eastern sky. Or in a photo blind for hours on end hoping some critter will allow us to capture its image. If it's spring and the water levels are good, check the waterfalls first, you may find us there. If not, maybe where the best wildflowers grow.

We don't have a studio here, but do have an office and printing operation, though much of our work takes place in nature. Many would find that inconvenient, oftentimes not knowing from day to day where you will be tomorrow. We don't think we would change it if we could! Should we happen to be out of the office when you call or e-mail, we’ll make a point to get back with you as soon as possible.






Please feel free to contact us with any questions, comments or suggestions. Maybe you would like more information about hiring Glenn for assignment work, seminars, or speaking engagements.  Perhaps you are inquiring about purchasing stock photography, fine art prints, books or other products or for information about workshops, classes and photo trips. Or even just to say "hello."

Either way, our contact information is below:


Mailing Address:
Glenn W. Wheeler
Wheeler Photography
P.O. Box 2432
Harrison, Arkansas 72602

Shipping Address:
Glenn W. Wheeler
Wheeler Photography
8179 Hwy. 7 South
Harrison, Arkansas 72601
Telephone: (870) 743-5438
Fax: (870) 743-5895

Or by E-mail:
For most questions, comments, suggestions, etc., you can contact Glenn Wheeler at:

For billing inquiries, scheduling and other business related items, contact Stacey Wheeler at:

For stock photography information, contact the photo research department at:



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