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Glenn offers photography and Photoshop® workshops from beginner to advanced. Whether it is a private, custom workshop built specifically for one person or a particular group or the standard workshops, Glenn strives to make your workshop experience a fun, informative event. Glenn’s goal is for you to walk away feeling as if you have learned something new about photography. Glenn’s laid-back, but professional style of instruction is always a hit. See the list of available workshops below or contact Glenn to discuss a private, custom workshop.

Besides instructional workshops, Glenn also occasionally offers photography tours. Tours are not as instructional in nature, but are more suited to just seeing an area from a photography standpoint. Glenn will guide the participants, sharing with them the best “hot-spots” an area has to offer as well as out of the way locales. Again, see below for any upcoming photography tours or contact Glenn if you would like to suggest an area or location.

Glenn has taught photography workshops on his own through colleges and organizations, for small groups, individuals and large groups alike. Glenn has also worked alongside other professional photographers such as Tim Ernst and Arthur Morris.

Glenn has also taught photography and Photoshop® courses to some of the best professional outdoor writers, photographers, and editors in the business.


Private/Custom Workshops

Glenn Wheeler offers private, custom workshops either in the beautiful Ozark Mountains of Arkansas or at other locations around the U.S. of the participant’s choosing. These are custom designed to the participants’ needs and wants. Want to learn macro only? Then that’s what we’ll do. A day of waterfall photo lessons? Waterfalls it is. General scenics? Basic, learn your new camera classes? A combo of the above? No problem. These are custom made to fit your needs. If you’d like Glenn to come to your area to do a workshop, the same day rates apply, but travel, food and lodging will need to be discussed. These workshops are a little more expensive than a group workshop, but it will be catered to you and will eliminate distractions from other students. It will be all about what you or your small group wants from a day of photography with Glenn. Rates are as follows:

1 to 2 participants $300 per person, per day

3 to 4 participants $250 per person, per day

5 to 6 participants $200 per person, per day

Groups of 7 or more should contact Glenn for a group rate.

Prices do not include transportation, lodging, food, drinks, tips and other incidentals. Contact Glenn for more information or to book your custom workshop.


Quotes from Past Students and Participants

“You were a GREAT photography teacher!!!” – Rebecca K., former student

“I learned more in one day than all the books so far. I ended up with 325 images. Some of them were the best I have ever taken...” - Harvey W. Private Workshop Participant

“Glenn is one of the premier outdoor photographers in Arkansas, and also one of the most approachable. His experience and expertise are coupled with a personability that few can match…”- Former Student and Fellow Photographer Wes Watkins (www.weswatkinsphotography.com)


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